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hey friends, a new build is out for miA2 with some major fixes like Bluetooth and wifi for oxygen os lovers I’m thanking @hello_dont_panic (telegram) for this update with fixes. this build comes with the latest Android 10 update oxygen os 10, this rom is a port of Oneplus 5.

this video help you to how to flash oxygen os for Mi A2 – https://youtu.be/UPzgR6yQg4s

Oxygen OS – OnePlus 5 [Android 10] [Jasmine_Sprout/MI A2]

By: @Hello_dont_panic


• Initial build
• Bluetooth fixed
• Wifi fixed
• Whatsapp and other social media video calling fixed
• Cam2api enabled • And others I don’t remember Bugs:
• Faceunlock won’t work ( If u want cam2api)
• Dt2w
• Screencast Additional fixes:
• Mobile Data: Try completing android setup wizard… it’ll fix it
• TO ENABLE USB, go to developer options enable “USB debugging” then go to Default USB configuration change it to “File transfer”

1. Download ROM
2. Place rom in internal memory
3. Wipe everything except internal
4. Flash from
5. Flash TWRP
6. Reboot
7. Flash additional zips/magisk after first boot (recommended)

Note: First boot will take some time so be patient.

Credits: Devs
• Video call fix help by @rcstar6696
• Guidance to fix Bluetooth by @Omarilzz
• Wi-Fi fix and much more help by my friend @ibooth2004
• For many support and help @thatsggyboi
• Thanks to @nebrassy for vendor
• Thanks for the help @iamharshdeb’
• @SiddharthBharadwaj for ASCII script fix
• Thanks @Cisco7466 working for OOS even in viva Testers
• @indrasadamana
• @shin_wolford
• @akshay2shah
• @muthu25

Source used for the build: Erfan Gsi
OS Version: Android 10 Version Information Status:
Beta-1 Stable Release Date: 2020-06-02
Download link 1 – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HvZlAg_iASaVp579aUSZqvl5Z8SxOXBM/view?usp=sharing
Download Link 2 – https://sourceforge.net/projects/mi-a2-oxygen-os/files/OP5_Port/ Support Group https://t.me/Oxygenos_Mia2_Mi6x

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